Aviation Fuel Trailers

ZBM has been working hard on providing a new line of Aviation Fuel Trailers. Every trailer is custom and comes build per customer requests. 

Because of the corrosive nature, all tanks are built from Stainless Steel. All Accessories are Corrosion Resistant so you can avoid downtime and stay productive. 

Each trailer is light weight, easy to maneuver, and offers many accessory options.

With many fueling accessories available, our goal is to offer a trailer that can serve multiple purposes.

Standard Features
  • Steerable Front Axle Running Gear Chassis
  • Stainless Steel Fuel Tank
  • Storage Box For Accessories
  • Forklift Pocket
  • Pintle Ring
  • Toolbox
  • Step / Ladder
  • Parking Brakes
  • LED Lights
Fueling Options
  • Fuel Pump
  • Hose & Reels
  • Filters
  • Meters
  • Nozzles / Wands
  • Fueling & Defueling Valve
  • Battery Charger
  • Solar Charger
  • Grounding Reel
  • Absorption Kit
  • Fire Extinguisher

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