Zierke Built Manufacturing Inc Moves!

Zierke Built Manufacturing Inc Moves!

Excerpt from The Fairmont Sentinel:

Zierke bought the former US Foods warehouse at 1500 Winnebago Ave. in 2016 and spent eight months remodeling the building before moving his enterprise from Winnebago last August.

“I was semi-retired until a couple of years ago,” said the 62-year-old Zierke, who serves as the company president with son Kyle as vice president. “I’m working more hours today than in the last 10 years, but I enjoy what we’re doing.”

And what they’re doing is growing their worldwide business building custom fuel tanks and trailers to support generators of all sizes. Some larger ones have been 50 feet long and held 10,000 gallons of fuel. Smaller mobile units are in demand for temporary use after national disasters such as hurricanes. The company has built tanks for coal mines and oil fields in Alaska as well as many for farmers and the agriculture industry.

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