Robotics Team Earns High Rank

Robotics Team Earns High Rank

Zierke Built Manufacturing had to opportunity to help support the Fairmont High School Robotics Team. Working with Sam Viesselman (Lead Mentor) and his team, we lasered out aluminum parts for their robot. The team of students grade 9 through 12 engineered 3D CAD files for each part. The students sent the files to the ZBM engineering team to have nested and lasered. What an exciting 2022 so far!


Excerpt from The Fairmont Sentinel:

Over the weekend, Fairmont High School’s robotics team placed fourth out of 53 teams at the Northern Lights Regional competition at the convention center in Duluth. This is the highest the team has placed since its inception in 2009...

This year’s task was to build a robot that could throw a large tennis ball in a basket and also lift itself up on a bar.

“We only have about six or seven weeks to build it so we have a pretty strict schedule,” Viesselman said.

Each team is given a reduced list of several components their robot must be made of, but other than that, it’s up to each team to build its robot however it wants. Because of this each team ends up with a unique robot.

As for the parts, Viesselman said the team buys or manufactures the parts it needs. It relies heavily on funding from a number of local businesses.

This year Zierke Built Manufacturing also made and cut out several parts for the robot that the team designed. Viesselman said the team was able to tour the facility and watch as the parts were made.

“They actually got to build their robot through that process,” Viesselman said.

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Robotics Team Earns High Rank